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About Us#

Successful companies understand that the value chain is a key driver of competitive advantage. Designing and planning the most efficient value chain requires more than historical data, average measures and static cost optimization. Increasingly complex supply networks require a planning approach that streamlines value chain operations while considering real-world uncertainties and constraints.

SimFlex is a unique and powerful optimization and simulation software suite which enables companies to design, test and rapidly implement robust and efficient value chain solutions. SimFlex can be applied across the entire planning spectrum, tackling long-term strategic decisions, and recurring, operational issues.

Many world-leading companies have successfully applied SimFlex solutions, with results including:

  • 5% to 30% total supply chain cost reduction
  • 30% to 70% reduction in inventory
  • 15% to 50% improvements in service levels, leading to increased sales

The SimFlex Group is an independent business unit of Flextronics, offering value chain planning expertise through software and services. The SimFlex Group was created through the acquisition of a supply chain software and consulting company, and today boasts over 15 years experience across multiple industries.

Visit the Flextronics website at www.flextronics.com.