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How do I get an account for SimFlex?
Please send an email to support.simflex@flextronics.com requesting a new account and the purpose of the request.

Is there a validity period for the SimFlex login and password?
The access is provided for the duration of the class (semester) and can be renewed for future classes.

Is there anywhere I can get a demonstration of SimFlex?
There is a detailed tutorial video of SimFlex Lite on the website. This tutorial video also forms a teaching tool for the students.

What is the maximum number of students who can have accounts?
SimFlex can accommodate any number of students

Is the instructor able to access all the students account and how to ensure that each student (group) has completed the model work?
The instructor account login does not have access to the students' models. However, the instructor will have the login and passwords for all the students' accounts and can check the work.

Are there any standard SimFlex class exercises?
There are no “standard” SimFlex exercises. Instructors are welcome to use the case given above (ACC Inc) and also the two exercises listed under 'Lite Exercises' on the website as a guide to develop their own modules around the course curriculum.

How can the instructor evaluate the projects?
The Analyzer in SimFlex facilitates easy evaluation by generating graphical output reports which can then be easily copy pasted into word documents or powerpoints. The students can also send direct link (from Lite Analyzer) with the results of their analysis to their instructor.