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Why SimFlex?#

Value Proposition#

SimFlex offers powerful analysis and planning capabilities that empower companies to optimize their value chains, maximizing ROI and serviceability.
Successfully deployed to many Global 2000 companies and used in over 500 customer engagements in the past five years alone.
SimFlex solves a wide range of value chain challenges using integrated advanced optimization and simulation technologies, and offers an unparalleled richness and depth of analysis.


Superior Diagnosis & Decision Making

  • Provides multi-dimensional, quantified and in-depth analysis as a basis for sound decision-making
  • Enables regular review of operational processes and projections of business performance

Increased Collaboration

  • Offers visibility and a unified approach to share data and information
  • Creates a common understanding across multiple business functions (sales, finance, procurement, manufacturing and logistics)
  • Fosters an environment for closer business relationships with customers and suppliers

Improved Productivity

  • Greater responsiveness to management requests and initiatives
  • Significant reduction of resources, calendar time and planning errors through a single and structured platform replacing multiple spreadsheets
  • Simple integration to planning processes, IT systems and data sources

Positive Bottom Line Impact

  • Significant cost savings through optimal value chain design and efficient asset utilization
  • Increased sales due to improved time-to-market and greater supply chain agility
  • Competitive advantage from operational efficiency and proactive management of risks and uncertainties combined with a low Total Cost of Ownership