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Solution Briefs Overview#

SimFlex is a suite of value chain planning tools enabling companies to design, test and deploy robust and lean solutions supporting strategic, and recurring operational business decisions. SimFlex solutions provide significant cost savings and increased sales through optimal value chain design, efficient asset utilization, improved service levels and greater agility.

Value Chain Strategy#

SimFlex Value Chain Strategy solution allows companies to analyze and design the lowest end-to-end value chain network that provides the highest serviceability. In defining a value chain strategy, key decisions include choosing the number and location of suppliers, manufacturing sites and logistics centers. The objective of value chain strategy is to design a supply chain that provides the right balance of flexibility and cost-efficiency while also meeting the requirements of the marketplace.
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Logistics Network Design#

SimFlex Logistics Network Design solution enables companies to analyze and determine the most cost optimal logistics network that meets serviceability requirements. Logistics Network Design relates to the establishment of supply, warehousing and distribution footprint. It encapsulates procurement, value-add, postponement activities and inventory control policies. SimFlex seeks to minimize logistics cost while offering the right level of flexibility to meet service level requirements.
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Sales Inventory & Operations Planning#

SimFlex Sales Inventory and Operations Planning (SIOP) solution enables companies to analyze current and projected value chain performance from a holistic perspective, and solve a wide range of business challenges using multiple simulation and optimization technologies. SimFlex facilitates organizational alignment between business goals and plans while enabling rapid responses to ever changing business conditions.
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Inventory Optimization#

Excess or insufficient inventory is a result of the uncertainty which is inherent in today's dynamic business environment. Companies are under constant pressure to squeeze costs and improve service levels, in part, through reduced inventories and improved fill-rates. SimFlex Inventory Optimization solution considers customer demand variability and lead-time fluctuations to define the optimal safety stock levels for each product and component at each site in the supply hain. As a result, customer service levels can be increased, while reducing the amount of working capital tied up in supply chain inventories.
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